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The Ordination of Priests

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Elite

And Philosophers of the World

Worldwide CC

Luebeck, 13/ 14 February 2019

Free English translation on 26 July 2021.

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Special Document on Valentine's Day

Where stay or are or where in the world are the actually called priests, bishops or true clergy of these last generations?

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Dear Readers, Revered Clergy and those Interested in the Matter and Commission of the Lord,

If you, too, have studied the cycle of life, then you will have easily recognised that every human being has been bound to his or her roots and connections and to his or her predestination, which man generally accepts and describes as a fateful disposition and which is equally evident in almost every culture and in every human race.

Especially in recent times, it has become increasingly clear that the decline of interested young men for the choice of the life form to the priesthood through the actual priestly ordination and marriage with God has increased very strongly, which must also be brought into a context with the abuse cases of the Roman Catholic Church.

Some prospective young "spiritual" men who have chosen this path for the true celibate priesthood were interviewed via TV, and it struck my person that most of these "boys" or young men actually do not have the required potential or would be suitable for this task as worldly leaders, whereby one should always bear in mind that such an actual prospective "reverend" should also be able to hear the confession of a fellow human being and must be able to make a drastic and thus important decision of life for the confessing person concerned, which will have validity as the one recognised judicial authority.

Anything else is nonsense and all other candidates would thus be miscast, whereby only mischief through play-acting could come out of it, which is unfortunately the order of the day nowadays.

There are certainly young men who feel "nudged or called upon" by the Lord God of us all, but this could also mean a completely different profession and even a father actually needs contact with the Lord God in order to strengthen and secure his children through life.

In all cultures and in all professions, there is a lack of young men who can still live a true faith, but who therefore by no means belong in the priesthood as a priest through celibacy, and there is a lack of those who may be bound exclusively to our Lord God!

A miscast would not be right for all concerned, but would even be very, very disastrous! A true clergyman can be recognised by certain criteria, but cannot always be named with complete certainty.

Starting with the birth of a boy, the question arises as to whether the life of the mother and or the child is in danger, as well as the additional severity of the birth.
Nowadays, the struggle for the growing life often begins in the womb during pregnancy and sometimes ends as a catastrophic birth for mother and child.

These signs indicate a special personified direction of life for the respective boy and very occasionally for a girl. The high number of these "special" births also suggests an end time and thus a new beginning.
A boy who was not born healthy does not always have to enter the exclusion procedure for a spiritual state.

Often these "Highly Venerable Bearers" are well hidden and more or less "held back" by life, so that they cannot lightly fall into the hands of the adversary or forces of evil and the possibility of being able to develop the genuine interest for God without restriction remains available, which can only be made possible if this interest for God is experienced and lived through protected family life.

All this, however, does not quite explain with certainty why there will be almost no one or very few of these young men from this circle of the called to their actual qualifications as a clergyman, whose will indeed stand out clearly and with a certainty from other people.

This question of certainty and correctness could be answered by some philosophers or true clergymen themselves, but since you and others will most probably not be as close to the truth as possibly the state of my person, I would like to make it clear herewith, since even a true clergyman cannot as yet recognise concurrently with my person, that we as humanity are already in the Revelation of John.

This is certainly due to the fact that my person "said goodbye to our Lord God" a few years ago through an unpleasant dismissal in order to get out of the death spiral and thus to be able to remain alive, in that my person was certainly "sent" into the next higher sphere.

You, however, as a clergyman, have rightly remained in the first sphere made accessible to human beings through the mediator Jesus, the Son of God.
Now you as clergy have a very different relationship to God our Father, whereby the altar crosses in the churches clearly show what is the matter.

At my last visit via Roman Catholic TV service, which was held in a gymnasium with a true clergyman as a bishop, the body of the cross or crucifix was identifiable as a male corpse or formed as corpse.

At least a human being was recognisable, what is also not self-evident and not always the case, but in my active church time the image of our Lord God was alive and not dead or represented with a skull!*

And this of course explains everything or very much, but certainly also the actual lack of priests, because if one does not receive any perceptible feedback from one's counterpart, because this counterpart will quite obviously no longer exist at the moment, then quite simply the "attraction" through a way of life, which celibacy constitutes and quite clearly underlines, is also missing.

But in this probably vacated place, during a transitional period, belongs a divinity tailored to my person, connected with Creation as a servant of God, who can lead the Cudgel of my person and at the same time represent a protective wall for the construction of our Lord and Creator.

Certainly, sufficient capacities or bearers of humanity have always been ""poured out"" for Christianity for all generations, but are no longer clearly recognisable and can hardly be found, and for this reason humanity needs help in this respect through the servant of God desired by my person and equally needed for all people.

Often, due to the aforementioned "vacated" place, this emptiness or unrecognised, unfulfilled calling is then forcibly reversed for many children and young people nowadays without this attraction of the actual empowerment, especially when no reasonable foundations are present through lived faith.

Thus many of these called young men drift into the world of intoxicants or stimulants without the actual "attraction" of their predestination or without being able to find their fulfilment in life.

It is not uncommon to find these boys in the world of intoxicating pop music or already on the ground as a "bum" on the street or even as a procuring offender in prisons or youth homes; but some of them can also be found in psychiatric or withdrawal institutions.

Others of these boys even take their own lives for reasons of strong inner unrest and the aforementioned emptiness, but sometimes someone with a vocation of clergy is also aborted in its most defenceless form. However, many vocations of this category are sometimes found in professions where contact with the general public and thus publicity can be made possible.

Basically and most certainly, one recognises such a possible boy for the high status of a clergyman primarily during childhood, and this by an often varied interest of the boy or, in addition, frequently also by the voice or tone of voice of a rather joyful and bright child, whereby also a doctor, rarely also a female doctor, a scientist or a teacher, a female teacher or even a budding politician or engineer can be recognisable.

Of course, at some point the respective boy himself recognises or feels, that he wants to live and work for the Lord God of us all, what also happens in a weakened form for a prospective nun, whereby every Roman Catholic Christian can or could perceive the feeling through the Lord's Supper respectively through the Body of Christ, which my younger sister and myself can confirm from our childhood experiences.

Of course, nowadays it would be very difficult or almost impossible for many people to feel a corresponding so-called "chemical reaction" through the Body of Christ, even if the Lord God still existed at present, because due to the fatty coronary vessels, the clogged arteries and the calcified or plaque-covered brain cells, especially as a smoker with a foreign-coated lung, one could hardly expect a sense of a sure feedback!

It is not uncommon for a person to have to be treated with medication due to metabolic disorders!

Also through alcohol in the blood and through many medicines in the body, a pure chain of a special reaction quite simply cannot take place and thus the "sender" cannot be recognised or perceived.

The recognition of this sent off feedback happens in a healthy circle of life as a rule clearly through the first communion of a child, when the basic prerequisites of faith are already given through the parental home and of course this only happens when the priest, pastor, vicar or however will exercise his stand as a true clergyman and can hold his natural extraordinary connection.  

Of course, the correct religious doctrine, which is in principle transferable or can be passed on, is decisive for a vocation to such an exalted state, which, moreover, within this exalted state as a bishop or cardinal, indeed belongs in a castle as a true clergyman, but only in a normal and complete life.

This, however, now missing attraction, to which most people, but especially a called one as a clergyman, are subject, can hardly be replaced or compensated for by the man on earth and thus, for example, a homosexual has indeed left "the norm", but is not subject to the same powers of a true clergyman by our Lord God of all.

A homosexual is subject to an attraction in that he is attracted to the stronger sex, because the stronger sex begins with a man-man relationship and thus this trinity is additionally recognisable.

Or more precisely; it begins with God the Father and God the Son in the synthesis of the Holy Spirit and, in contrast to a homosexual, has nothing whatsoever to do with physical needs, but exclusively the spiritual need fills the man and thus completely fills the man in his calling in a spiritual state.

A woman-woman relationship, on the other hand, clearly points to a life form behind the life of the original human norm and suggests that the actual life or Creation is already moving or is located behind the end outside the norm, whereby it is additionally a question of an alien solar system, which will actually also exist. (Psychosis-like intuition through hand-painted picture of my granddaughter C. etc.).

The whole matter is highly complicated and if one will attentively continue to read my homepages, then one will come to a conclusion which includes the future-oriented progress and distribution of the spiritual state including the spiritual beings of all enabled generations of the world, whose for all cultures were already living on earth.

Since my person does not want to write a doctoral thesis, but should name the important regulations, it now naturally and unmistakably comes up that these named regulations must be carried out primarily by very many people, since every person must make his possible commitment and contribution in the matter and commission of the Lord in his own interest as his or her life's work, so that a balance can also be created in the matter by* clearing the way to a future worth living for every person by very many people.

All these important regulations have already been mentioned

in my various home pages.

Now, with regard to the vocation of a boy for the state of the priesthood, my person should once again clearly emphasise that a mother is quite simply and fundamentally not allowed to give her infant child, regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy, into the care of other people and thus not into the "daycare centre or nursery", because in this way the mother and indirectly the father transfer their actual life's work or "visiting card" to other people who, for natural reasons, cannot come close to fulfilling the actual mother's duties and father's duties.

In special cases, this first duty may be temporarily transferred and ceded to grandparents or even great-grandparents, but the responsibility remains with the parents and they will always be held accountable at the end of their lives for their life's work and legacy.

This first task in a society, where performance plays a supporting role and to which there are basically no objections, should also be rewarded accordingly, because the housewife and mother, who have to be there around the clock for their children or child and for the family, perform their service and must therefore be paid fairly!

Of course, there must be and there are also people who do not have children, which will often also affect teachers or teaching staff, because they need a lot of attention and energy for their profession or for their vocation as a teaching staff.

Thus, there must be contact between the true teaching staff and the parents, since the teaching staff must then, as the protected parties, supervise the already "educated" child at the age of at least six and a half years and, if necessary, reprimand him or her according to the situation, but also fulfil the curriculum by school teaching, whereby the career of a respective bright pupil must be kept in sight of the teaching staff, so that as far as possible no wrong decisions can be made by enabling or refusing a visit to a further educational establishment or institution, which also represents a high life achievement.

But also in quite other practical occupational fields, one occasionally needs a lot of private space and thus the founding of a family would not necessarily be advantageous, as for example in the occupational branch of a housekeeper female who has to run the household around the clock for the pastor or bishop.

A nurse should also be subordinate to the status of a religious sister or nun, and thus here too there are opportunities for many women who do not wish to enter into marriage or found a family to obtain their presentable life's work in full at the end of their lives.

Of course, these regulations for a normal and healthy circle of life cannot be explained away and are irrevocable, but unfortunately we all have long since ceased to live in a norm or normality that has its origin in the Ten Commandments.

Thus, however, the beginning is and remains in the matter and thus the end always remains coupled with the norm, which means that there will always be people from all cultures, races and generations all over the world who have to get through life with at least one "special gene", which does not have to have been created and inherited exclusively through the impure food chain or polluted environment as well as not through medicines or chemicals or through animal secretions, but has been "poured out" directly for the end of time.

Particular attention should therefore be paid to those who are mentally or emotionally ill and their statements should be investigated.

Have fun thinking about it and good luck in finding solutions for the implementation in the matter and commission of the Lord, which also include the natural laws of miracle healings!

Ursula Sabisch

German-language document reviewed and amended on 1.11.2019 / 12.02.2021